Posted by: Nguruman Cool Waters Camp | October 12, 2011

Nguruman by public means – part one

Over the weekend, some representatives from black hammock outdoors – an outdoor company that we are working with- came calling, and this is what they had to report…


We wanted to know get the hands on experience of a couple of travellers who did not have private transport and they wanted to travel to the campsite.. our activities are detailed below.

Left Nairobi at noon and got to Kiserian town. From here, we were supposed to get a ride to nguruman.. The deal was, ‘enda kwa waria, akupatie gari’, so we did exactly that. Unfortunately, Wariah was out for his midday prayers so we hang around shooting pool, then had lunch at a local whose hygiene standards are still suspect, the matumbo was great though, and they still have ugali saucer in this economy!! great… So, wariah came back and connected us to githinji our driver… our ride as it turns, was a vegetable pick up. Ok, nguruman has lots of farms with vegetables for export,and they taste great too, the okra is.. oh well, but i digress. So Githinji tells us to wait while he goes to have his lunch. In the meantime, our toyota d-max is being loaded with all sort of retail merchandise from flour to sufurias. curiously, a crowd has now formed around the pick up <bystanders?> Shortly, Githinji emerges chewing on an end of an oily toothpick, loading is now complete. The bystanders make a dash for it, we are left watching the spectacle as the toyota’s every space is taken up. still, we manage to squeeze in between the cartons and sufurias and after paying the ‘fare’, we are off!!!

The pick up speeds through the scenic route from kiserian to magadi. Its quite really spectacular, if not under a sufuria, gasping for air or being thrown high in the air to land face first in some akalas worn by a fellow traveller. Still, we get to magadi town and after a brief stop at the market to drop off some goods, we continue on our journey. from here on to nguruman, its a rough road but the d-max is upto the task. We, on the other hand are not. We view the sunset from dust laden eyelashes and it practically takes my breath away. the sunset appears just beyond the double layered mountains in the distance and you momentarily forget about everything else until you are catapulted again into the air and land again awkwardly. Still, we get to ngomomgo in goo time and walk the rest of the way to the campsite. its a quiet moon bathed evening apart from the occasional lion roaring in the distance.

We get to the camp site and the first order of business is take a shower. I chose the shower stall, my more adventurous colleague felt the stream running through the camp will do. Our hosts had prepared a wonderful meal of goat meat and vegetables with ugali. no saucer here though.. after the filling meal, we retire to our tents and black out.


we are awakened by the constant chattering of monkeys in the nearby trees.. Our host explain that its breakfast time in the clan and a child monkey was being punished for misbehaviour. After a quick dip in the stream we have a hearty breakfast of bananas, tea, bread and left over meat.

Today, we are meant to hike to the waterfalls with a group from the central bank… Cant wait!! but our elation soon turns to frustration as the cbk group appears three hours late!!! anyway, we hire a guide and set off. Up the first incline we go and come to a river where we have a quick drink then hurry off on the next leg of the hike. We get to the top of the first escarpment only to find a more gruelling second one beyond. Audible gasps and looks  of horror don the faces of most in the cbk group. Game face, cute and cuddly boys!! up the rocky terrain, taking in the sights and interracting with local herdsmen..

Finally we get to the waterfall and all our effort seem worth this exact moment… its so awe inspiring. We swim in the river and shower under the waterfall! we dip our legs in the water waiting to dry off as the cruel reality soon registers, we have to go back down.. its almost 1700hours when we come to the river., quick drink then we head to the bus where we drop off the cbk group and head back to the camp.

On this evening, we are feeling abit adventurous  so we head to the nearby entasopia town. the locals seem very glad to have us here and we are given what i imagine must be the 5star treatment at the butchery, okra na nyama!! we meet up with friends we had made on our previous visit and we all go back to the camp. Our hosts have a suprise in store, twenty litres of the very rare local brew, we do not have a name for it so we christen it kamatungi(coined from what our host first aked… ‘niwaletee kamatungi sasa?’) we then drink ourselves to sleep. Kamatungi also has healing properties not unlike those of babu at loliondo, less than 50 kms to our south.



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